Hug your Credit Union

Little boy and girl hugging.

It’s not often that your service provider can boast of relationships like this with their clients: Last week, a member of SourceONE Credit Union called and informed the office staff that his mother had passed away, unexpectedly.  This gentleman, while not a regular visitor, had been to the office in…

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MTO does great job for our community!

MTO staff at Christmas party in 2012

Have you heard of the Metropolitan Tenants Organization in Chicago? At SourcreONE Credit Union, we have.  They’re an organization of great people working together to educate, organize and empower tenants to have a voice in the decisions that affect the affordability and availability of decent and safe housing. You can…

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How to succeed in your New Job!

How to succeed in your new job like the movie, The Devil Wears Prada

Ever wondered how to act at a new job?  If you want to be successful and impress your new boss, follow these 8 simple rules: 1. Smile and be energetic.  You’ll be meeting a lot of people during your first week.  You’ll want to be pleasant to everyone.  Depending on…

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Busting the Credit Union Myths

Credit Unions Busting the Myths

There are a lot of options when it comes to banking.  Typically, people are drawn to the bigger banks because it’s what they’re used to, and it seems convenient.   What most people don’t realize is that credit unions offer many of the same services that the big banks do, but…

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Should I lease my next car?

Buying or Leasing graphic of two cars?

You decide to get a new car.  The question: should I lease or buy?  There are pros and cons to buying or leasing.  How do you make that choice, and which choice is better for you?  Here are some things to think about before you decide. Ownership – With a purchase,…

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What should I do with my money after graduation?

What should I do with my money after graduation - girl putting a money Lei on new graduate student

What should I do with my money after graduation? So all of your hard work has paid off.  You did it!  You graduated college.  It’s time to celebrate your accomplishment.  Have a graduation party!  If you’re lucky, you may receive graduation money to celebrate your hard work. What do you…

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How to Go Broke in Chicago

How to go broke in Chicago by drowning in debt

Want to know How to Go Broke in Chicago? There are hundreds of blogs written every day offering great advice on saving money and making sound financial decisions.  The common theme of these blogs: Saving takes both time and serious commitment.  If there’s that many blogs out there about saving…

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How to Buy a Car

how to buy a car

With so many different vehicles on the market to chose from, it can be difficult to decide between the car you really want, or maybe, the car you really need.  Whether you’re buying a car for everyday travel, something to assit with a personal business, or an additional car to…

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Can I avoid student loans?

Student Loan Debt

If you plan on attending college, or plan on sending your children to college, you’ll need a financial plan to help get there, and to reach graduation.  Today, average state resident tuition runs around $9,139 per year.  To attend an out of state school, the average jumps up to $22,958. …

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