How to keep cool this summer (at work).

Call me elf one more time from the movie ELF

With this hot weather, comes hot tempers.  Especially at the workplace, where you spend a whole lot of time with the same people.  How can you keep your ‘tude cool when everything around you feels like blowing? Anger is something that is real – and shouldn’t be ignored.  Think of…

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How to keep your best employees!

Dwight Shroot Meme: You got employee of the month? Fact: I am the greatest employee ever.

Do you own or run a business?  What do you do when you get a great employee? Hopefully, when you recognize a ‘keeper,” you have a plan in place to retain them. Entrepreneur Magazine offers 7 ways to keep your best employees. Some of the highlights include: 7.  Get off…

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50 Ways to Make Money in 2017!

50 Ways to Make Money and work until your bank account looks like a phone number

Have you been bemoaning the fact that you aren’t making enough $$$? Our friends at The Penny Hoarder have a great blog feature this month! “50 Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 or More This Month” It gives great ideas to make extra coin, such as LEGIT…

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Is Online Banking Safe?

Poke the bear

Is Online Banking Safe? How do you really know?  Here’s how: Make sure the Bank or Credit Union really exists.  Is there a physical address?  Check Google to verify.  Feel free to call the number listed. Is the institution insured federally?  Banks should be insured by FDIC, and Credit Unions…

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Halloween in Chicago 2016

Chicago Halloween Parade in 2016

Take the big city, the masses who long to be scared, and the party opportunities, and you get Halloween in Chicago 2016! NortHalsted Halloween Parade:  Running down Halsted, from Belmont to Addison, this parade happens Oct. 31 from 6-10 pm.  You can march, but you have to register for it.…

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