Why it’s hard to leave your Big Bank…

Meme: You're about to overdraft? Reorders your withdrawals so you overdraft 4 times.

Why it’s hard to leave your Big Bank… John Maxfield recently writes in The Motley Fool that customers who were ripped off by Wells Fargo, will find it hard to leave. Why? Because they have so many accounts/products with their big bank, it’s extremely difficult to make all those changes.…

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How to use your credit card smartly!

Movie Maxed Out.

How to use your credit card smartly! Your friends have told you about the evils of credit card use.  Maybe they’ve shared horror stories about how much debt they racked up and FAST!  That doesn’t have to be the case with you!  Here’s some tips that will help you be…

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Why I should live in Chicago

The cost of living in Chicago graphic.

Why should I live in Chicago? People are concerned with the state of Illinois’ financial situation.  If you’re considering a move into the city of Chicago, here are some reasons why you should move here! Chicago is it’s own world. You can get out of bed and make $50k. You don’t…

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Why Big Banks Hate Millennials

Big Banker stealing woman's purse at outdoor restaurant.

Why Big Banks Hate Millennials Big banks have opinions about your generation.  They think they know you well.  Here’s five true facts about millennials and banks. Millennials DO like to save MONEY.  However, they save it for different reasons.  You guys like experiences, and travel.  Banks want you to buy…

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Is your January credit card bill a big surprise?

Pay off Credit Card Debt monopoly

You just got your Credit Card statement and you’ve got sticker shock. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to show for it (Hopefully, you have a grateful group of friends and family, but they may have already forgotten your generousity)! Now what can be done about your dilemma? Pay more than the…

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How to Save Money with Credit Cards

Three fish bowls with goldfish. Credit Card Consolidation to save money with credit cards.

How to Save Money with Credit Cards? Does that seem like an oxymoron?  During this season of temptation (to spend more than I have), the use of credit cards can be devastating. Or you can use it to your benefit. WiseBread, the website that offers tips on how to “Live…

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Is Black Friday in Chicago Worth It?

Black Friday sign.

Is Black Friday in Chicago Worth It? It depends.  Take this quick test to see if it is.  Score 10 points for every YES answer. Do you love electronics? Do you enjoy maniacal crowds? Do you hate to shop online? Do you hate safety? Do you think there are deals…

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Great Source for things to do in Chicago? Time Out!

Time Out Chicago is a great source for things to do in Chicago.

Have you ever sat around in your room wondering, “What in the world should we do this weekend?”  Yea.  You know what that means, right?  You’re bored. So what to do?  Go to Time Out Chicago online.  It truly is one of the best resources out there to discover the…

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Great Things to do in Chicago in the Fall

Fun in Chicago Halloween Parade

Fall is a great time of the year if you live or work in Chicago.  We become like ants, scurrying around to get everything in before the first snowfall! With flashes of summer weather, cool nights and lots to do, Chicago is a great place to experience autumn. Here’s a…

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Ways to Get Involved in the Chicago Community

Get Involved in Your Chicago Community

Want Some Ways to Get Involved in the Chicago Community? So, you’re all moved in.  Started that new job.  Made some “friends” at work. Is that it?  How come you don’t feel connected? Experts tell us that it can take 3-5 years living in a community to psychologically feel connected.…

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