Is Online Banking Safe?

Poke the bear

Is Online Banking Safe? How do you really know?  Here’s how: Make sure the Bank or Credit Union really exists.  Is there a physical address?  Check Google to verify.  Feel free to call the number listed. Is the institution insured federally?  Banks should be insured by FDIC, and Credit Unions…

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Why it’s hard to leave your Big Bank…

Meme: You're about to overdraft? Reorders your withdrawals so you overdraft 4 times.

Why it’s hard to leave your Big Bank… John Maxfield recently writes in The Motley Fool that customers who were ripped off by Wells Fargo, will find it hard to leave. Why? Because they have so many accounts/products with their big bank, it’s extremely difficult to make all those changes.…

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How to use your credit card smartly!

Movie Maxed Out.

How to use your credit card smartly! Your friends have told you about the evils of credit card use.  Maybe they’ve shared horror stories about how much debt they racked up and FAST!  That doesn’t have to be the case with you!  Here’s some tips that will help you be…

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Why Big Banks Hate Millennials

Big Banker stealing woman's purse at outdoor restaurant.

Why Big Banks Hate Millennials Big banks have opinions about your generation.  They think they know you well.  Here’s five true facts about millennials and banks. Millennials DO like to save MONEY.  However, they save it for different reasons.  You guys like experiences, and travel.  Banks want you to buy…

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Busting the Credit Union Myths

Credit Unions Busting the Myths

There are a lot of options when it comes to banking.  Typically, people are drawn to the bigger banks because it’s what they’re used to, and it seems convenient.   What most people don’t realize is that credit unions offer many of the same services that the big banks do, but…

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What should I do with my money after graduation?

What should I do with my money after graduation - girl putting a money Lei on new graduate student

What should I do with my money after graduation? So all of your hard work has paid off.  You did it!  You graduated college.  It’s time to celebrate your accomplishment.  Have a graduation party!  If you’re lucky, you may receive graduation money to celebrate your hard work. What do you…

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Is Free Checking near me on #TheFinalCountdown?

The Final Countdown meme: Free Checking near me.

Is Free Checking near me on #TheFinalCountdown? Free checking accounts seem like they are becoming a thing of the past.  Back in 2009, 78% of banks offered free checking accounts (MOEBS) and now that number has dropped to only 46%.  Yet, 73.6% of credit unions still offer free checking. Checking…

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How to make more money in Chicago

How to make more money in Chicago with loans and credit

Here’s some other Credit Union’s idea of how to make more bucks.  While we offer similar services, we don’t do kitsch! However, hat’s off to this Credit Union in attempting to communicate the huge benefits we offer!

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Credit Unions vs Banks: Which is Better?

Credit Unions vs Big Banks: Which is better? reporter Stacy Johnson gives answers to the age-old question: Are Credit Unions better than Banks? At SourceOne – we are adding more and more online services every day!  Can you become a member?  Find out here.

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