Why take out a personal loan?

Personal Loan from It's a Wonderful Life

In general, people take out personal loans because they don’t have available funds at a given moment for expenses.  For example:   You need to update your apartment or home, which can easily cost $10,000 or more.  Many people don’t have this kind of money sitting around that’s not  tied up…

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Maintaining Good Credit

Maintaining Good Credit from the Movie Trading Places

Like most people, you aren’t rich.  You can’t afford to pay for everything upfront with cash.  Fortunately, there’s an alternative… MAINTAINING GOOD CREDIT.  Whether it’s for personal expenses, a new car or a mortgage, credit is available to help with these important purchases. When the time comes to make a…

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Why do I need to save money?

Saving Money in Chicago with Breaking Bad's Mr. White

Why Save Money? You just got demoted at work due to budget cuts.  You’re making 38% less money than just one month ago. You’re late to catch the train and you drop your laptop, shattering it to bits. At home, the air conditioner is broken.  It’s 95 degrees out. After dinner,…

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Living on a Budget in Chicago

living on a budget in Chicago from the movie, The Shining

Each month everyone has income and expenses.  Some expenses are more important than others, which is why it’s important to have a budget. To live on a budget, add up your monthly income (after taxes), and add up your monthly expenses required for survival (rent/mortgage, utilities, food, gas, phone, etc.). …

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Our new Charter Boundaries!

 Source One Credit Union just expanded their charter!  A charter is a  group of people that a credit union feels can be served   Charters can be based on schools, workplaces and even geographic community boundaries.  Like inviting a bunch of different friends over for dinner. Fortunately, Source One Credit Union…

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Why Join a Credit Union?

2MinuteFinance offers a nice video on the benefits of Credit Unions vs. Big Banks by comparing the two.  Offering three O’s – Ownership.  Objective.  Operation. Put on your O Face and become a Member! Take a look at this 2 minute video and get a sense of how Source One…

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Need a Loan for the Holidays?

Source One Credit Union Chicago Loans for the Holidays

Click on our Holiday Couple to Apply for a Loan!  OR Become a Member first!                 We hope you have an amazing Holiday Season!  Enjoy family and friends. From all the staff at Source One Credit Union!

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Source One Credit Union goes Hipster

It’s true.  We’re old.  1932 means at least 82 yrs. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not hip.  We live, work and go to school in Chicago.   So why not bank in Chicago too?   Hipsters are always doing something cool and something retro. Being a share holder of a credit…

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