How to use your credit card smartly!

Movie Maxed Out.

How to use your credit card smartly! Your friends have told you about the evils of credit card use.  Maybe they’ve shared horror stories about how much debt they racked up and FAST!  That doesn’t have to be the case with you!  Here’s some tips that will help you be…

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How to Save Money with Credit Cards

Three fish bowls with goldfish. Credit Card Consolidation to save money with credit cards.

How to Save Money with Credit Cards? Does that seem like an oxymoron?  During this season of temptation (to spend more than I have), the use of credit cards can be devastating. Or you can use it to your benefit. WiseBread, the website that offers tips on how to “Live…

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How to Go Broke in Chicago

How to go broke in Chicago by drowning in debt

Want to know How to Go Broke in Chicago? There are hundreds of blogs written every day offering great advice on saving money and making sound financial decisions.  The common theme of these blogs: Saving takes both time and serious commitment.  If there’s that many blogs out there about saving…

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Maintaining Good Credit

Maintaining Good Credit from the Movie Trading Places

Like most people, you aren’t rich.  You can’t afford to pay for everything upfront with cash.  Fortunately, there’s an alternative… MAINTAINING GOOD CREDIT.  Whether it’s for personal expenses, a new car or a mortgage, credit is available to help with these important purchases. When the time comes to make a…

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