Credit Unions are champions of low-income and working class people

Before the arrival of the credit union, people who were from the poor background or a working class background couldn't borrow from banks. Quote by John Hume, Irish Politician

Credit Unions are champions of low-income and working class people Nobel Peace Prize winner, Irish politician John Hume stated, “Before the arrival of the Credit Union, people who were from the poor background or the working class background couldn’t borrow from banks.” It’s true.  Banks have long been only interested…

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Credit Union Memberships Are on the Rise – But Why?

Tom Middlestead with mud on his face

Rise of the Credit Union “In the year to April 2017, credit union memberships rose 4.8% faster than the 3.8% pace set in the year to April 2016, and the fastest pace in in the modern credit union era,” says CUNA Mutual Group, in a new study entitled “2017 Credit Union…

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Hug your Credit Union

Little boy and girl hugging.

It’s not often that your service provider can boast of relationships like this with their clients: Last week, a member of SourceONE Credit Union called and informed the office staff that his mother had passed away, unexpectedly.  This gentleman, while not a regular visitor, had been to the office in…

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MTO does great job for our community!

MTO staff at Christmas party in 2012

Have you heard of the Metropolitan Tenants Organization in Chicago? At SourcreONE Credit Union, we have.  They’re an organization of great people working together to educate, organize and empower tenants to have a voice in the decisions that affect the affordability and availability of decent and safe housing. You can…

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Why it’s hard to leave your Big Bank…

Meme: You're about to overdraft? Reorders your withdrawals so you overdraft 4 times.

Why it’s hard to leave your Big Bank… John Maxfield recently writes in The Motley Fool that customers who were ripped off by Wells Fargo, will find it hard to leave. Why? Because they have so many accounts/products with their big bank, it’s extremely difficult to make all those changes.…

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Why Big Banks Hate Millennials

Big Banker stealing woman's purse at outdoor restaurant.

Why Big Banks Hate Millennials Big banks have opinions about your generation.  They think they know you well.  Here’s five true facts about millennials and banks. Millennials DO like to save MONEY.  However, they save it for different reasons.  You guys like experiences, and travel.  Banks want you to buy…

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Is Free Checking near me on #TheFinalCountdown?

The Final Countdown meme: Free Checking near me.

Is Free Checking near me on #TheFinalCountdown? Free checking accounts seem like they are becoming a thing of the past.  Back in 2009, 78% of banks offered free checking accounts (MOEBS) and now that number has dropped to only 46%.  Yet, 73.6% of credit unions still offer free checking. Checking…

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Our new Charter Boundaries!

 Source One Credit Union just expanded their charter!  A charter is a  group of people that a credit union feels can be served   Charters can be based on schools, workplaces and even geographic community boundaries.  Like inviting a bunch of different friends over for dinner. Fortunately, Source One Credit Union…

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