Millennials are killing Banks…

Hammer breaking open a pink piggy bank with money inside.

Millennials are killing Banks… Business Insider has article online about Millennials killing all kinds of retail type businesses – here’s what they say about banks: Millennials distrust financial establishments and rarely visit physical banks. “There’s a massive shift in consumer behavior and consumer trust,” Rick Yang, a partner at the…

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Credit Union Memberships Are on the Rise – But Why?

Tom Middlestead with mud on his face

Rise of the Credit Union “In the year to April 2017, credit union memberships rose 4.8% faster than the 3.8% pace set in the year to April 2016, and the fastest pace in in the modern credit union era,” says CUNA Mutual Group, in a new study entitled “2017 Credit Union…

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How to keep your best employees!

Dwight Shroot Meme: You got employee of the month? Fact: I am the greatest employee ever.

Do you own or run a business?  What do you do when you get a great employee? Hopefully, when you recognize a ‘keeper,” you have a plan in place to retain them. Entrepreneur Magazine offers 7 ways to keep your best employees. Some of the highlights include: 7.  Get off…

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50 Ways to Make Money in 2017!

50 Ways to Make Money and work until your bank account looks like a phone number

Have you been bemoaning the fact that you aren’t making enough $$$? Our friends at The Penny Hoarder have a great blog feature this month! “50 Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 or More This Month” It gives great ideas to make extra coin, such as LEGIT…

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How to succeed in your New Job!

How to succeed in your new job like the movie, The Devil Wears Prada

Ever wondered how to act at a new job?  If you want to be successful and impress your new boss, follow these 8 simple rules: 1. Smile and be energetic.  You’ll be meeting a lot of people during your first week.  You’ll want to be pleasant to everyone.  Depending on…

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Why Big Banks Hate Millennials

Big Banker stealing woman's purse at outdoor restaurant.

Why Big Banks Hate Millennials Big banks have opinions about your generation.  They think they know you well.  Here’s five true facts about millennials and banks. Millennials DO like to save MONEY.  However, they save it for different reasons.  You guys like experiences, and travel.  Banks want you to buy…

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