Giving time, money to causes

Each year, Americans donate hundreds of billions of dollars to various organizations throughout the world.  Donating to any worthy cause is just as beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver.  Here are four good reasons why people should consider donating their own time and money to a charitable organization:

1. Donating to a cause keeps you informed.

If you’re donating money to an organization, you’ve most likely been informed on their cause.  However, becoming more involved may open your eyes to certain issues you were unaware of, further enhancing your knowledge. In turn, this will allow you to influence those in your own social circle.  This may encourage your associates to take action with their own donations, making an even greater difference.

2. Donating enhances your own feelings of self-worth.

Many people that donate report feeling a greater sense of well being.  Helping others in a way that they can’t help themselves will certainly make you feel good about yourself.  Throughout the world, there will always be a need to help those around us.  Feeling needed is important for many people.  Through donating, you might find reward in knowing that your time and effort are appreciated.

3. Becoming involved in charities will open doors to new relationships.

Getting involved with a new organization will always open new doors for your future, as long as you have the right attitude.  If you’re donating time, you’ll be meeting other individuals that share the same common goal.  These social connections will have the potential to pay off big for you in your own life. You might meet your new best friend, a future spouse, or a business partner.

4. Donations are tax deductible.

When you donate money to a charitable organization, the money spent is tax deductible.  Additionally, any money spent on travel or materials can also be deducted when it comes time to file your taxes.  Even when you help others, you can still help yourself, without putting yourself first.

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