How to Save Money with Credit Cards

How to Save Money with Credit Cards?

Does that seem like an oxymoron?  During this season of temptation (to spend more than I have), the use of credit cards can be devastating.

Credit Card ConsolidationOr you can use it to your benefit.

WiseBread, the website that offers tips on how to “Live Large on a Small Budget,” gives us ten tips.

  1. Consolidate your credit card debt with care.
  2. Use reward cards only if you can pay your balance in full.
  3. Be careful about participating in credit card arbitrage schemes.
  4. Pay more than the minimum and pay on time!
  5. Do your research before applying for a card.
  6. Don’t own too many cards.
  7. Avoid relying on credit cards to cover an emergency.
  8. Carry a spare credit card.
  9. Talk to your card issuer about lowering your rate.
  10. Don’t use your cards for cash advances.

One great step is to sign up for our 1.99% balance transfer when you apply for a SourceOne Visa card. You can do that here.

To read more of the article on WiseBread, click here.

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