How to succeed in your New Job!

New Job

Where’s Your Stapler?

Ever wondered how to act at a new job?  If you want to be successful and impress your new boss, follow these 8 simple rules:

1. Smile and be energetic.  You’ll be meeting a lot of people during your first week.  You’ll want to be pleasant to everyone.  Depending on the size of the company, you might not be meeting everyone.  Sometimes, the ones off in the distance that you don’t meet may be the ones you want impress the most.  You may not THINK they notice you, but if they have an important position within the company, they’ll take note of the positive energy you’re projecting.

2. Don’t be a know-it-all!  Recognize you’re in a new environment and there’s bound to be scenarios you’re unfamiliar with.

3. Ask questions, without being afraid.  Your first few weeks will be filled with new challenges.  Now is the time to learn as much as you can.  You can also use this as another opportunity to meet and get to know your new co-workers.

4. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.  If there are odd jobs that need to be done, volunteer to do them.  Nobody likes doing the “dirty work,” but it’s another opportunity for you to learn something new and demonstrate your eagerness.

new Job

Only Closers Get Coffee!

5. Show up early, and plan to stay late.  There’s no better way to show that you respect your peers and the company by showing up early, ready to work.  In fact, getting to work before your manager is even better.  The same rule applies at the end of the day.  Stay later than your boss for a couple months until you can settle down in a routine of coming and going that’s acceptable around the office.

6. Respect the time of others.  Chances are, your co-workers have time constraints and deadlines.  Recognize this before engaging in conversation with them.  Rule 3 above says you should ask questions.  Try to recognize the best times for questions and discussions to ensure you’re not overstaying your welcome.

7. Be early to meetings.  Much like being on time to work, this also shows your dedication and respect for the company and it’s goals.

8. Dress for success.  Every employer has a different dress code.  Unless you’ve been given specific instructions on what to wear, take note of how your co-workers dress on a daily basis and do your best to match their attire.  It’s not a bad idea to over dress either.  Never underestimate the importance of dressing professionally at your new job.

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New  Job

This is about work – promotions, demotions, getting ahead. Watch it like that.

New job

Great movie about doing what it takes!

New Job

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New Job

Yes, it matters what you wear to work!

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