Hug your Credit Union

It’s not often that your service provider can boast of relationships like this with their clients:

Last week, a member of SourceONE Credit Union called and informed the office staff that his mother had passed away, unexpectedly.  This gentleman, while not a regular visitor, had been to the office in the past on routine business.  Staff members expressed condolences to him as he expressed concern for life without his mother. How would he make it through the following weeks?

Our member was in need of a small loan to help pay for services and burial expenses.  SourceONE staff came to an agreement with the gentleman on a dollar amount and terms.  The loan was prepared quickly, and he was in the next morning to sign and receive a check.

When he arrived, not many words needed to be said.  He was experiencing grief.  We were glad that in some small way, we were able to ease some pain and take his worries away from financial burdens the sudden event of his mother’s passing might create.

Upon leaving, the gentleman made it clear he was thankful by reaching out and embracing a staff member.  It was a moment that you might not expect, and a moment that is certainly rare in the business world.

That kind of gesture shows the power of the relationship any business can have with their client.  It takes total trust and integrity.

It was a moment that makes us realize that business or no business, people come first.  Helping and understanding each other goes a long way, and at SourceONE Credit Union, we understand this kind of relationship.

While we aren’t necessarily saying that hugs are to be expected around here, we ARE saying that you can trust us, and we’ve got your back.

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