Is Free Checking near me on #TheFinalCountdown?

Is Free Checking near me on #TheFinalCountdown?

free checking near meFree checking accounts seem like they are becoming a thing of the past.  Back in 2009, 78% of banks offered free checking accounts (MOEBS) and now that number has dropped to only 46%.  Yet, 73.6% of credit unions still offer free checking.

Checking accounts aren’t just used to write checks for paying bills.  With the use of debit cards, it is now easy and efficient to make everyday purchases.  The average person conducts 50-60 transactions in a month compared to 20-25 in the early 1990’s.  Additionally, it is now easier to keep track of your account with 24-hour access through your mobile phone or desktop computer.

People looking for free checking accounts will more likely want to go to credit unions.  Credit unions will offer free checking more often than the big banks.  SourceONE is no exception.  Our checking accounts are totally free with no minimum balance requirement, and we allow unlimited transactions each month with our VISA debit card.

Free Checking near you is NOT on #TheFinalCountdown.

Not at SourceOne!

free checking near meStop in or give us a call (312) 922-0495 and we’ll get you started.  Or if you can’t wait, APPLY ONLINE.

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