Is your January credit card bill a big surprise?

You just got your Credit Card statement and you’ve got sticker shock.Pay off Credit Card Debt

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to show for it (Hopefully, you have a grateful group of friends and family, but they may have already forgotten your generousity)!

Now what can be done about your dilemma?

  1. Pay more than the minimum requirements.  Those (hopefully) grateful friends won’t see your efforts doubling down, but your credit card company will.  You’ve heard of the math behind paying more than the minimum, I’m sure, so I won’t bore you with the magic of it.
  2. Pick up a part-time job or hobby to get rid of the debt.  Maybe your grateful cousin can give you a job delivering pizzas or your recent knitting hobby has folks clamoring for winter scarves.  Something you can do for 3 months or so to get that balance down.
  3. Transfer your balance to a lower interest credit card.  For example, SourceOne is offering a Visa card with a balance transfers at 1.99%.  That’s astronomically better than the 21% or so you might be paying in interest right now.

There are probably more ideas in getting your balance down to zero.  These are just some legal ones!

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