How to keep cool this summer (at work).

With this hot weather, comes hot tempers.  Especially at the workplace, where you spend a whole lot of time with the same people.  How can you keep your ‘tude cool when everything around you feels like blowing?

Anger is something that is real – and shouldn’t be ignored.  Think of yourself having an anger tank – if you don’t release that anger when you feel it – it can build and build.  So much pressure can be in the tank, that the next time something upsets you – there might be a huge explosion (especially over something small that doesn’t deserve that much anger).  And these type of explosions can bring us trouble and sorrow.

Career blog The Muse, has some great advice.

I’ve used a number of these tips and tricks – here are the ones that particularly work for me:

2.  Write it out – but don’t Send it.  When I get the words down on paper 0r a word document – I can feel some of the power that dissipating.  It’s good to get it out. GOOD.

6. Take a break.  Going somewhere else, taking a walk seem to help.  My body in motion sets my mind free.  BETTER.

3. Vent to a trusted colleague.  Being able to not only talk to someone, but to physically and emotively vent out my anger does two things:  It makes me feel safe – I’m doing it with someone I trust, and it gives me power.  Power to express my anger in a healthy way. BEST.

Which ones appeal to you?  Try them all and let us know! Read More at The Muse.

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