Our new Charter Boundaries!

Membership is like dinner with friends Source One Credit Union just expanded their charter!  A charter is a  group of people that a credit union feels can be served   Charters can be based on schools, workplaces and even geographic community boundaries.  Like inviting a bunch of different friends over for dinner.

Source One Credit Union ChicagoFortunately, Source One Credit Union serves people who work and live in the mapped boundary seen here, Federal employees (our original charter since the 1920’s) and Columbia College students and alumni, as well as family members of those folks.

According to a recent Washington Post article, about 100 million Americans are now using credit unions.  U.S. Credit Unions are not-for-profit, cooperative (owned by it’s members), tax exempt organizations.  Credit Unions weathered the 2008 recession pretty well and we have great rates.  We’re online, small and care about our community.

If you’re in the charter, we’d love to have you!  Become a member!

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