Safe Cars for Teenage Drivers

Teenage DriversYour teenager just got their drivers license.  Now, they want to borrow your car to meet friends.  Soon, they’ll be working and they’ll need their own transportation.  The conclusion is now clear: You or your teenager will need to buy a car.  As a parent, you knew this day would come.  It’s arrived!  And while you’re excited for them, your fear for their safety grows each day.

No one is ever really “safe” when behind the wheel.  An accident can happen in an instant at the fault of anyone.  As with anything in life, we rely on our experience to get us by.  It’s the lack of driving experience that makes manuevering the roads exceptionally dangerous.

However, there are choices you can make, as a parent, that can help put your mind at ease.  Consumer Reports recently listed their top 10 safest cars for teenage drivers.  And better yet, each are listed at a price below $10,000!  Click here to read the article.

After you’ve made your decision on which car to purchase, SourceONE can assist with your vehicle loan.


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