Source One Credit Union goes Hipster

It’s true.  We’re old.  1932 means at least 82 yrs.

source one credit union chicago hipsterHowever, that doesn’t mean we’re not hip.  We live, work and go to school in Chicago.   So why not bank in Chicago too?


Hipsters are always doing something cool and something retro.

  1. Being a share holder of a credit union means you’re an owner = COOL
  2. Getting on board this 82 year old secret society with it’s own safe house = RETRO

Make a deposit of $5 or more.

Source One Credit Union Chicago

Hip Colors of Chicago

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Membership is open to Columbia College (IL) students and alumni

Membership is also open to civilian U.S. Federal Government employees, including U.S. Postal Workers – OR retired civilian Federal employees.

Oh yea, and family members of a current SourceOne member are eligible.


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