Why Big Banks Hate Millennials

bigbankerWhy Big Banks Hate Millennials

Big banks have opinions about your generation.  They think they know you well.  Here’s five true facts about millennials and banks.

  1. Millennials DO like to save MONEY.  However, they save it for different reasons.  You guys like experiences, and travel.  Banks want you to buy a house and stay put.
  2. Millennials LOVE their VOCATIONS.  They just don’t want to stay at the same company for a million years.  Banks want you to make roots in long-standing institutions that don’t really change – like BANKS.
  3. Millennials are SMART.  Banks think you’re dumb enough to fall for their entertaining commercials.  Like their commercials enough, and you’ll put your money in their bank – which will then fee you to death.
  4. Millennials have strong OPINIONS.  They often go onto Social Media to let others know about how disappointing an experience is.  Like putting money in a big bank and watching it go away from strangling fees.
  5. Millennials want COMMUNITY.  They want to make a difference right where they live and work.  Banks want to make a big donation to the community so they can look good.  Credit Unions are made up of community members who get their hands dirty like millennials want to do.

Credit Unions, on the other hand, love Millennials.  Why?  Because when you join a credit union – you’re an owner.  And we love our owners.

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