Why it’s hard to leave your Big Bank…

wfargoWhy it’s hard to leave your Big Bank…

John Maxfield recently writes in The Motley Fool that customers who were ripped off by Wells Fargo, will find it hard to leave.


Because they have so many accounts/products with their big bank, it’s extremely difficult to make all those changes.

I’m sure you heard about how Wells Fargo pressured their employees to sell, sell, sell additional accounts/products to customers.

Wells Fargo employees felt so much pressure, that they started making up
FAKE ACCOUNTS and charging customers fees – so employees could keep their low paying jobs.

banker-pirates-bizarroWho got fired when customers finally discovered this scam?  Those same employees  – who made $10-12 an hour.  Not the middle managers or the higher up VPs and executives.

Maybe you were one of the unfortunate ones.  Maybe you’ve just experienced the Big Bank malaise of trying to get something done.

We get it.

And you should GET OUT.

We can help you get out.  Call us or email us and we can offer step by step assistance – even sit down with you – and get you set up with real people, others like yourself who don’t want to pay exorbitant fees and charges, get loans at low rates, and interact with a real person.  We’re not in it for the money, we’re in the community.

For more on the Wells article, go here.  And then call us.


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