Why I should live in Chicago

chicago_52166eba7b1e5_w1500Why should I live in Chicago?

People are concerned with the state of Illinois’ financial situation.  If you’re considering a move into the city of Chicago, here are some reasons why you should move here!

  1. Chicago is it’s own world.
  2. You can get out of bed and make $50k.
  3. You don’t need a car.
  4. Chicago is world-class.
  5. It’s central to the rest of the U.S.
  6. The culture is unreal.  So is the food!  So is the art!
  7. There’s always deals to be had.
  8. The networking is amazing.
  9. You definitely get Four Seasons!
  10. Great Sports town!  2 MLB teams, NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS!
  11. Broadway in Chicago is here.
  12. Second City is here.
  13. Great world class education is here!

Check the graphic that shows average costs in living in the Windy City!

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